Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating

By Adiba Jaigirdar
  • Coming of age
  • Relationship

In this laugh-out-loud funny novel, Hani and Ishu, two Bengali-Irish girls, start off as reluctant family friends who decide to fake date in order to achieve their goals: Hani wants her friends to accept that she's bisexual while Ishu needs to boost her popularity to have a chance of becoming the Head Girl next year.

This novel takes a look at how complicated relationships are - family and friends alike and how sometimes you might grow up or out of a relationship and that's okay. Hani and Ishu are allowed to be teenagers - they make mistakes, they grow, they have their weaknesses. It's super refreshing to see a book where teens are allowed to be just that - teens. Recommended for everyone, not just Young Adults!

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